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Thursday, June 29, 2017

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I  LOVE πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— my wonderful readers... yes, that's YOU!  
And I want to thank you for your generosity to the KURA Project!  Y'all are THE best!!!  
Below is a thank you from the co-founder Sarah Hadden:
(if you missed the original post, please click here and please donate to this wonderful cause if you can!  HERE  )

I would like to thank ALL OF YOU for your generosity of spirit along with donations of funds towards KURA Project "Opportunity Kits" (reusable menstrual pads, underwear and soap) for girls in northern Kenya. 
Because of the response from this blog post enough money has been raised to purchase and deliver 250 kits that will keep 250 girls in school without interruption and allow them to participate in all activities without worry. This kit will also last them a year or more.
We at The KURA Project believe in every woman's right to go through her monthly cycle with dignity and have access to education. 
Thank you in behalf of KURA but more importantly thank you from the girls in northern Kenya who are benefiting from your generosity. 
With Gratitude,
Sarah Hadden
The KURA Project


  1. Wow! Great job ya'll......keep up the good work. I printed everything out, just have to sit down with some gals and (Do this)!!!!! Thanks for sharing. gloria g. in Wellborn, FL

  2. Thank-you for making us aware of this project and need! As you said, I can't even imagine what those young girls deal with. It sure is nice to know how our charitable dollars are actually spent as well. Too many times we just don't have a clue where our dollars actually go. Now it's time for all of us to put a reminder on our calendars to donate again this time next year for new kits for another year.

    1. oh my gosh Linda, that is a WONDERFUL idea about putting it as a reminder on our calendars to donate again next year- thank you! I will also do a reminder post:) xxoj.

  3. It's nice to know our donations are helping these young girls with such a basic human need, which then allows them to remain in school. Thank you so much Joan, for bringing the KURA Project to our attention! xoxo Peg Allegretto

  4. What a wonderful thing to give to! Thanks for the info! Have a beautiful 4th!

  5. I was so excited about this when I first saw it, and I emailed and emailed different groups. Wanted you to know, even where I the country, I found a group to work with, and I plan on doing a lot. There is a church doing 500 kits by next June.....and I will do as many as I can.....this is a great charity and I get to do what I and give......:>) Thanks again for sharing this. gloria g. Wellborn, FL

    1. OH MY GOODNESS Gloria!!!! This is the most wonderful news to hear. Thank you SO much for your comment. You are an angel!!! xxojoan

  6. My comment disappeared before I finished....
    Here goes again.......
    I love your blog, only wish you did it more often. Whine, whine.


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